Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yes, it's that time already; SoundPad! and SoundPad! Lite are being updated. Nothing HUUUUUUUGE, just some housekeeping and stuff like that. What's that you say? Dylan, why would you tell us about something that's not even cool? Well, it is cool... kind of. I've also include a couple of small easter eggs. How do you find them? Do what every iPhone user does; TAP! Tap the pads, play wonderful sounds, and stop only when you can tap no more.

And, as a special extra super fun bonus, SoundPad! (the full version) will be free for a limited time after the update comes out. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much!
    This is a fine program and just what I was looking for. I'm glad to have bought it.

    If you don't mind one feature request though, it would be awesome to have a "Gate Mode", where the sample only plays while you are holding the button, and immediately stops when you release your fingers. I play the drums and dj a bit, and being able to stop the sample is super useful for rhythmic playing.

    Thanks again either way!